Meet the Simplest Most Effective Franchise Sales CRM

A CRM built specifically for franchise sales. Increase your contact ratio with our email automation and automated calendar scheduler. Track your leads from initial discussions to closed deal.


Email Automation

Increase your contact ratio using our email automation (AKA drip campaign.) All of your leads will receive automatic email follow ups. This can be fully customized.

Automatic Calendar Scheduler

Our automatic calendar scheduler will ensure prompt phone follow ups. All leads will get the attention they deserve. You can customize this process.

Your Customized Sale Process

Keep your candidates on track with our 8 step sales process. This sales process can be customized to fit your business with up to 15 steps.

Analytics Built for Franchise Sales

We know your business! “Off the shelve” CRMs don’t offer the analytics you need. Our analytics were built specifically with franchise sales in mind.

Contact Ratio

Are you getting in touch with your leads? Easily track your overall contact ratio or contact ratio per lead source.

Sales Process

The Sales Process module allows you to analyze your overall results and the results of specific lead sources. You can easily identify the percentage of leads in each step of your sales process.

Lead Comparison

Where are your deals coming from? How does each lead source stack up against each other? The Lead Source Comparison chart lets you do a side-by-side analysis of your lead sources.

Leads ROI

Where are you receiving the best return on investment? The Leads ROI report lets you know what leads sources are paying off and what lead sources are striking out. This can help you spend your marketing budget more wisely.

Single User or Multi User Accounts

Our CRM works great for both single user or multi user operations.

Great for Franchise Brokers, Consultants and Single Salespeople

Our CRM comes loaded with email scripts, phones scripts and our 8 step sales process. You can choose to customize these options as well as many other options.


Great for Franchisors with Multiple Salespeople

Track your leads & analytics or your company leads & company analytics. You can easily assign leads to different users and review the overall performance of the company.


franchise sales crm

First Class Support from the IFPG!

Our CRM is supported by our parent company the International Franchise Professionals Group. We have a full staff on hand to train you and offer ongoing support. Click here to hear what our current clients have to say about the IFPG.


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